TD ITALY - August, 24th-27th




  1. To attend the event will be indispensable to became member of ASDAC TARANTO DANZA Association, registration will take place on-arrival day at TD ITALY TARANTO DANZA reception.
  2. Final payment for the workshops must be made on the Arrival Day, checks or credit cards payments are not accepted.
  3. The deposit and the payment cannot be returned in case of not-participation or withdrawal from activities, and cannot be transferred to another person.
  4. ASDAC TARANTO DANZA Association  disclaims all responsibility in the case of theft or injury to the dancers, guardians and observers or to the damage or loss of any of their belongings, both during the lessons and during other activities on the premises or during the participants stay during the workshop period. It’s exempted from all civil and penal responsibility concerning and consequent to the participation in the event. It’s dismissed from all responsibility regarding the physical suitability of all participants and possible accidents.
  5. Faculty have the authority to send the dancers to a level more suitable to their capabilities.
  6. The Association reserves the right to modify the following regulations and programs. The regulations will be made known to the participants on the web-site:

For inscription and booking of accommodation, join the event here and you will receive data bank for the payment of you deposit.


Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Resident Address:
Mobile Phone:
Study Program:
You have to specify the Formula choose
 Open Classes (August 25th/31st)
 One Day Open
If you have selected the mid-week you have to specify the period chosen
 TD ITALY (August,25th/28th)
 TARANTO DANZA (August 28th/31st)

Transfer booking from:
 Bari Airport
 Brindisi Airport
 Taranto Railway Central Station
NB: On the arrival day, please hand in the following documents:
1. Passport Photo
2. Original receipt of deposit Payment (bank transfer)
3. Member request, self-certification for permission to participate and health status. For minors (under 18) this form should be completed by the parents.
Download here.