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We offer customized solutions for your staying during the event. 
Contact us for analyzing togethere your specific needs to find
the best accommodation that answer all your needs. 

There are different types of rooms with the Best Prices, 
between 5 minutes walk or more by car/bus to our Venue.

B&B / Apartments

This is definitely the most affordable option. Get your spot before it's too late!​ 

– Kitchen
– Common space area
– Toilets / Showers
– Wifi– Parking
Fees: from 25€ per person/per night

HOTEL & Residence

· Room options:

     -Twin hotel rooms

     -Residents up to 5 people

· Either share with one of your friends or we will find someone to join you!

· This deal is for a 5 night stay.

Fees: from 35€ per person/per night

LIMITED SPACES available at these price.